Businesses will always need new blood, individuals will always be looking to progress and both will likely require the services of a recruiter at some point in order to harness their expertise and make their search more efficient. As a recruiter, the trick is to know who is looking for new talent, who has put a freeze on recruitment, who is looking to move on and who is happy where they are.

This is why keeping your contacts up to date is crucial if you want to steal a march on your competitors. However, this can be laborious and time-consuming, especially with employers and job hunters alike now using social media as well as email to achieve their aims.

That is where Typeless, the unified contact book for teams, comes in. With Typeless, recruiters can create a huge contacts database that updates itself. It does this by importing contacts from services such as Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and Salesforce, and then adding new contacts and new data on existing contacts without you having to type even so much a letter – hence Typeless.

By sharing contacts with one another through Typeless, you and your staff could increase the size of your contact books by up to 50 times.