Typeless makes it very easy to create a contact network with everyone you know and leveraging their contacts without fear of people running off with your contacts.

Just think about it – if you share contacts just with 100 people and everyone has 1000 contacts that’s 100,000 contacts you could you use for business and / or pleasure. So how does this work?

First you need to sign-up for Typeless, visit Typeless.co and connect all your contacts into Typeless. To learn how to do this please read this post.

Once you have all your contacts in Typeless you can start building your contact network by giving people access to your contacts (If you want access to their contacts you have to give them something first):

1. Click on “Share Contacts” in the top navigation:

Typeless Share Contacts


You can also start sharing contacts from the Typeless Chrome Extension for Gmail:

Typeless Contacts Chrome Extension for Gmail

2. When you see the sharing window below, type the name or email address of the person you would like to share your contacts with:

Sharing contacts


3. Select whether you want to share all your contacts or just contacts from specific accounts (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) that you have connected into Typeless:

Share contact sources


4. Select whether you want to share all the contact details (like emails and phone numbers) of your contacts with your friends or just names and job titles.

Contact Sharing Details

If you are sharing contacts with people you really know well (like your close family and very close friends) you would share contact details. But if you are building a wider network of friends and colleagues so that everyone can get to people faster you would typically only share names and job titles.


5. Finally click “share” to share you contacts (see picture above). After you have done that you will see a green notification box on the lower left-hand side that looks like this:

notification contacts


6. If you now click on “Sharing” on the left side menu you can see which people you have shared you contacts with under “Sent” and which people have shared their contacts with you under “Received”:



7. If you want to change who you are sharing contacts with and who is sharing contacts with you you can do so under “Actions”:Sharing_Actions

Also: If you have shared a contact with someone and that person has not accepted your invite you can click “resend” to send the person another invite as a reminder.


8. Once someone has shared his contacts with you their contacts will appear in your search. If the person has shared only names and job titles with you their contacts will have a little sharing sign next to them:



9. That means that you have to send the person a request to see the contact details of that particular contact:



10. Once you have clicked on the “request” button that person get’s an email with your request – it looks like this:



11. If the person accepts your request you will get an email that looks like this:

Accepted Request Sharing


12. If you click on the link “Satish Jayakumar’s details” in the email you will now see the contact details that you have requested:


Now that you have learned how to build a contact network on Typeless you can start using our Apps for Gmail and Outlook to do the same while you are in your inbox.

If you like to have all of your contacts in Gmail please download our Google Chrome Extension for Gmail here.  If you are using Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 together with Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange please download our Typeless for Outlook App here.

If you have any questions or feedback please email us, follow us on Twitter or check out our website.