All of us acquire and store contacts in multiple locations (different email accounts, Google, Outlook, Facebook, Linkedin, iPhone, Android, Salesforce, etc.) Typeless makes it really easy to get all of your contacts into one place and create one merged and enriched contact that you then can access everywhere. In this short tutorial we will show you how to do that.

Step 1: Go to the Typeless website

Typeless Contacts Homepage

Choose the “SIGN UP” button


Typeless Contacts sign-up

Sign up with name, email and password and click SIGN UP.


Gmail Google Contacts Typeless

Click on the Google Button to connect all the contacts from your Gmail account. If you don’t use Google choose: “Don’t have Google” and Typeless will direct you to a page where you can connect to other contact sources like Outlook or Salesforce.


Connect Gmail to Typeless

Enter the Email and Password of your Gmail account to connect your Google contacts in Typeless. Typeless allows you to connect as many Gmail (Google contacts) accounts as you want. This is particularly useful if you have a private Gmail account and a Google Apps (now Google for Work) email account from your company. As you are collecting contacts constantly in both accounts (Google does this automatically with Email addresses) it’s useful to get these contacts together so that you can use them in both Gmail inboxes using the Typeless Google Chrome Extension for Gmail


Google Contacts from Gmail

Click the Accept Button to allow Typeless to connect to your Google contacts in Gmail.


Requesting contacts from Google

Typeless is now importing all your Google contacts from Gmail and will stay connected to it. So every time a contact in your Google contacts changes, it will automatically update in Typeless as well. To select the next source of contacts to connect to choose “Click here to go back”.


Connected to Gmail

You can now see that Typeless has imported your contacts. The process usually takes a minute or two. But you don’t have to wait until all the contacts are imported. Just click “Connect new account” to connect your next contact source.


Connect to Contact Source Gmail

Typeless lets you connect to a number of different contact sources like Gmail or Outlook. Just click on the contact source you have your contacts in. In our example we will connect to Google Apps account as many people have both their private as well as their professional contacts in Gmail or Google Apps and have difficulties sharing them in their company.


Gmail and Google Apps connected

Now that you have your personal Gmail and your corporate Google Apps Email account connected, click on “Connected new account” to enrich your contact profiles using social networks:


Connect Linkedin Profiles and Contacts

Click on Linkedin to link your connections to your contacts in Typeless. Typeless will automatically enrich your contacts with company names and job titles.


Linkedin Contacts Access

Just sign in to Linkedin and allow Typeless access to your profiles so that your can enrich your contacts. Once your are connected to Linkedin you can do the same with Facebook. 


Connect Facebook Contacts

Click on the Facebook button and Typeless will use Facebook’s location data to enrich your contacts and tell you where your contacts are based.


Facebook contacts log inJust log into Facebook to give Typeless access to your Facebook. Once connected Facebook will show up as a new contact source on Typeless.



Gmail Linkedin Facebook Contacts ConnectedNow that you have connected a couple of your contact sources we will show you how to connect to Outlook to get your contacts if your company is using Office365. 


Outlook contacts from Office365

As before just click onConnect new accountand then the Office365 button.


Office365 login microsoft online

Office365 will ask you to login under microsoft online: Just log in with you office365 email account.


Outlook Office 365 contacts connected

Typeless will start to import all your contacts from Outlook automatically.

Last but not least if you are using Salesforce you can get all your contacts from Salesforce in Typeless by clicking on the Salesforce button:

Connect Salesforce Contacts


Salesforce will ask you for your account details; please log in with your email and password:

Salesforce contacts log in


Once Typeless has imported your Salesforce contacts and is connected to Salesforce as a contacts source, you should see Salesforce appearing in your connected accounts in Typeless:

Salesforce Contacts connected

Now that you have all your contacts in one place you can start sharing them with colleagues and friends inside and outside your company. If you like to learn more about accessing other peoples contacts and sharing your contacts please read this tutorial here .

If you like to have all of your contacts in Gmail please download our Google Chrome Extension for Gmail here. If you have any questions or feedback please email us, follow us on Twitter or check out our website.