Typeless Contacts for Gmail is a powerful Google Chrome Extension that enables you to get all your contacts from different sources (Google Contacts, IPhone, Linkedin, Outlook, etc.) in one place (i.e. your Gmail or Outlook inbox) and then share them with your colleagues and friends creating one big virtual contact network when anyone can request contact details from anyone.

If you like to give it a try please download the Typeless Contacts for Gmail app here.

This is how the Typeless Chrome Extension looks in your Gmail inbox:

Typeless Contacts for Gmail - Chrome Extension for Contact Sharing

As you can see Typeless Contacts for Gmail enables you to see complete contact profiles (title, company, emails, phone numbers and social media) from Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Facebook, Linkedin. You are also able to connect an unlimited number of Gmail and Outlook (Office365) accounts to Typeless. 

A particular useful function that Typeless has is the ability to let you search your contacts and the contacts that your colleagues and friends share with you with extreme accuracy.  Typeless enables you to search your contacts by title, job, company, email or any other contact detail in multiple combinations including reverse number lookup. Typeless also uses bank-grade encryption to keep your contacts safe.

This is how our secure contact search looks (including Auto-suggest):

Powerful Contact Search in your inbox

As you can see pictures in the contact search are included and we display names and Job titles first to help you identify interesting contacts.

Another really useful function of the Typeless contacts for Gmail app is the ability to give your colleagues and friends permission-based access to your contacts and then you and them are able to collaborate on contact details. For example: You need a phone number of a customer that your colleague in accounts has but you only have an email address. Typeless will show you who in your company’s network has this phone number and you will be able to request this contact detail with one single click without having to leave your Gmail or Outlook inbox. This work for requesting a single contact as well as contact details.

This is how Typeless shows you who in your network has a particular contact detail:

Typeless Contacts - missing contact details

Have you ever come across the problem that you have certain contacts in one email inbox (like in your private Gmail) and others in another inbox (like your Outlook)?

Typeless solves this problem. In whatever inbox you are – when you are writing an email it suggest you all email addresses – not just the ones from the contacts in that particular inbox. And it finds email addresses even when you only type a fraction of the email – regardless of you typing the full name and email address.

This is how it looks like when Typeless suggest all email addresses:

Typeless Contact for Gmail with Email Suggest

Last but not least Typeless helps you to identify people who email you. Whenever a new email appears in your inbox, Typeless automatically displays all the contact information it has on the person and all the people in your network who have additional contact details.

Here is what you see when a new email comes into Gmail and you have Typeless installed:

contact insights about everyone who email you

So now you might ask yourself: How is Typeless contacts useful for me and who else could this be relevant for? Here is how the people that we have spoken to use Typeless to get more out of their contact network:

Sales people use Typeless contacts to find more new leads and opportunities. Imagine a company with a 100 people. Let’s say they have 10 sales managers and a CRM system with about 10,000 contacts. Now they starting to use Typeless as a contact collaboration system. If everyone in the company has 1000 contacts that would be 100,000 contacts that people would have access to and that sales could use as potential leads.

The big advantage here compared to conventional contact collaboration systems is that any contact access here is 100% permission-based. People only make the names and job titles of their contacts searchable. If any of their colleagues would like the contact detail of a person they have to request it. This way people are more open to share their contacts because the contact details are protected.

The same is true for business developers who need the right contact information. Project and account managers could use the Typeless contact search to set up different contact groups and contact lists per project. Marketing managers could use it to find the right vendor- and supplier contacts or for events management, HR managers for the search of new talent in and outside the company and lastly finance managers could use Typeless to find the right billing contacts.

We hope that this overview on how to use Typeless Contact for Gmail was useful. If you haven’t done so already you can download our Google Chrome Extension for Gmail here . If you have any questions or feedback please email us, follow us on Twitter or check out our website.