It’s taken us a while but we finally have something new and exciting for you: Typeless.

Typeless is a new digital address book that lets you bring all your contacts (Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) from anywhere into one place, merge them and share them easily and securely with your friends and colleagues, accessible from any device. We are also going to enable you to move specific contacts into hundreds of other software apps like Salesforce, Quickbooks or Mailchimp – wherever you need them.

Sharing your contacts with others

We built Typeless because we found it difficult to share contacts easily among ourselves and to keep all of our contacts constantly updated in the all the apps that we are using in our company. Our vision is ultimately to make it easier to have your contacts always accessible anywhere, up-to-date and shareable with others.

Typeless in beta

Right now we are in early beta with a few hundred users and some 500,000+ uploaded contacts, so please give us a try either using the Typeless website or download our Google Chrome Extension for Gmail to have all your contacts inside Gmail – shareable with all your friends and colleagues.

We love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on how to improve Typeless please send us an Email  or go to our Product Forum. We are constantly looking for ways to make Typeless better. Typeless is a great tool for companies and teams to share their contacts and collaborate better. If you would like to use Typeless for your company please get in touch and we will help you.

More to come for contacts

You can also read more about Typeless on Producthunt (please up-vote us if you like Typeless)  or follow us on Twitter @typelessco

We are going to release lots of new contacts sources (Salesforce, Outlook, etc.) and features over the next couple of months so please stay tuned.